Month: January 2021

Revision Crash Courses

Are YOU falling inevitably behind on your finance courses? Can’t believe it’s already week 10? Wanting to maximise your WAM because none of your finance courses have changed to PASS/FAIL?😰

Well, you can grind 💪🏻 for finals during this lock down period with FINSOC’s very own Revision Crash Courses for FINS1613, FINS1612 and FINS2624! ✏️

Tableau VA Workshop

Tableau is one of the fastest growing tools used in the analytics industry, transforming the way people think about data. FINSOC is proudly partnering with Tableau to bring you a Visual Analytics workshop run by UNSW’s Tableau ambassador. From this workshop, you’ll learn how to leverage Tableau to manipulate data and create impactful visualisations, as well as delve into the power of data analytics.

FINSOC Weekly Wraps Vol.01

Welcome back to a new year of weekly wraps! Today’s wraps covers the following highlights: – Victoria border restrictions are easing for residents in NSW – Google threatens to shut down its search engine from Australia- The Australian dollar is holding around 77.35 US cents- Buffet-backed Chinese electronic vehicles manufacturer raised A4.97 billion