Month: June 2021

Tech Careers in Finance

This is an online careers panel aimed to showcase the more obscure STEM careers within the finance industry.

Listen to real industry professionals as they share their experiences and career journey and obtain a vision of what it’s like to be in a STEM role at different companies.

FINSOC Weekly Wraps Vol.13

– Technology stocks lead ASX to reach a record high of 7312.3 points – Bitcoin bounces back from its lowest price since May – Meat and food processing giant JBS Australia rights a $175m deal to purchase Rivalea Australia – Top performers of the market for this week are Materials and IT, followed by Energy and Health Care sectors – Australia’s AAA credit outlook from changes from negative to neutral, reflecting Australia’s strong economic recovery credited to massive fiscal and monetary stimulus.

FINSOC Weekly Wraps Vol.12

• Australia’s economy’s exceeds expectations, at 0.8% larger than its previous peak pre-COVID. • The resources sector demonstrates immunity to economic challenges faced by other sectors, contributing to Australia’s trade surplus of more than $8b. • Bitcoin has taken a fall after Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s comments on Twitter suggesting he has “fallen out of love” with the world’s top cryptocurrency. • US e-commerce site Etsy has acquired popular peer-to-peer social shopping app Depop for A$2.1b.

The Suez Canal Blockage

The massive cargo ship that blocked the Suez Canal was freed from the shoreline after six days. However, the blockage has severely damaged the global trade and powerful economies around the world.

UNSW FINSOC publications have prepared an article that touches upon the major impacts caused by the blockage and its implications.