Month: March 2023

Macquarie Group Case Study

UNSW Regulation Society, Finance Society and Personal Finance Club cordially invite you to our graduate recruitment session and case study on the 16th of March 2023.

During the event, you will have the exclusive opportunity to interact with Directors, Graduates and HR representatives from Macquarie. The session will cover what they do alongside valuable interview tips to help land your desired graduate position at Macquarie.

FINSOC Weekly Wraps Vol. 29

UBS offers to bail out Credit Suisse amidst global financial turmoil
β€’ Swiss banking giant UBS has agreed to purchase Credit Suisse in an all-share deal valued at $4.8 billion.
β€’ The acquisition includes government guarantees and liquidity provisions as well.
β€’ It has been agreed that the Swiss National Bank will be offering UBS liquidity assistance of 100 billion francs while the government will guarantee potential losses of 9 billion francs.

FINSOC Weekly Wraps Vol. 28

The RBA raises interest rates to an 11-year high, opens the door to a pause
β€’ The RBA has raised interest rates for the 10th consecutive meeting, taking the cash rate target to 3.6%.
β€’ RateCity has stated that the latest increase would be a $77 a month increase to repayments on a $500,000 home loan and double that on a $1 million mortgage.
β€’ Borrowers with $500,000 mortgages will soon be facing monthly mortgage repayments near $1k larger than a year ago.

FINSOC Weekly Wraps Vol. 27

UK grocery price inflation hits record high as more stores impose rationing
β€’ A measure of UK grocery price inflation soars as shop price inflation rose to a fresh high of 8.4% in February, up from 8% in January – driven by new highs in the costs of food.
β€’ Fresh food prices rose by 16.3% amid shortages of staples such as tomatoes and broccoli, due to suboptimal weather conditions in southern Spain and northern Africa.

FINSOC Weekly Wraps Vol. 26

US Markets are set to increase their interest rates further into 2023.
β€’ Markets now view it as probably that the Fed Funds rate will reach 5.25% to 5.50% in 2023.
β€’ The Fed is now expected to hike rates at upcoming meetings in March, May and June according to interest rate futures.
β€’ This is largely due to the idea that despite being past peak inflation rates, certain prices will continue to rise, thus more work needs to be done.