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OPM x FINSOC Presents: Easter Thursday

Love parties? WE DO TOO!!!🙋🏻‍♀️Want to make new friends? THEN WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?!⏳Come on down to ✨OPM✨ to HAVE THE TIME OF YOUR LIVES!!! Whether you’re a bright first year 🤩 or an old fifth year 🥸, OPM X FINSOC’s Easter Thursday is open to ALL. 🐰Get ready for the 🥳CRAZIEST🥳 party of the year.

UNSW FINSOC Presents: Introduction to Investing

We will connect the theory of the finance major to real world events and ongoings to provide you with insight into how you can better manage your finances. We will be covering the essential and broad topics such as expenses, savings, earning and investing. Within these, we will show you what you have to gain from high finance concepts, and how they can apply to your everyday purchases and your future financial health.

UNSW FINSOC presents: Experience: Investment Banking vs Consulting

Come to UNSW FINSOC’s Experience: Investment Banking vs Consulting, and gain practical insights into what each career path really entails. This INTERACTIVE event will give you the opportunity to work through a case alongside industry representatives, and learn first-hand how to approach both consulting and investment banking problems in the workplace. Don’t miss this UNIQUE opportunity to both network and brush up on your skills!

UNSW FINSOC Presents: Beginners Excel Workshop

FINSOC is proud to be presenting our Beginners Excel Workshop, designed for students of all levels and degrees!! Excel is undoubtedly an essential tool within the workplace, both in the finance industry and for personal use at home. This 1 hr workshop not only covers the essential BASIC FUNCTIONS, but also MORE ADVANCED SKILLS that are used regularly by professionals.