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FINS2624 Portfolio Management

This core finance subject introduces students into investment theories, including application of the Markowitz portfolio theory, SIM and Factor models and CAPM. Accordingly, students will learn to design and manage portfolios, price bonds and stock options and evaluate investment performance. The skills gained from this course are fundamental in the industries of investment management and wealth management.

FINS1613 Business Finance

One of the compulsory level 1 courses required for a finance major at UNSW. It forms the foundation of quantitative areas in finance, introducing students to important topics such as financial mathematics, investment valuations, capital budgeting and costs of capital. The fundamentals learnt within this course are expanded upon in higher level courses of the finance major.

FINS1612 Capital Markets and Institutions

This is the first major core subject required for a finance major at UNSW. It provides an overview of major financial markets, basics of financial instruments as well as an analysis of the roles and functions of the major financial institutions. Students will learn the theoretical fundamental background knowledge of the financial industry that is instrumental in future finance electives.