Category: Wealth Management

FINS3637 Wealth Management Advice

This course provides students with the key financial planning knowledge and skills. From a financial planning practice perspective, we address the important compliance and legal issues and skills required to practice as a financial planner. This entails having a clear understanding of the client’s situation, conducting needs analysis, identifying goals and objectives, understanding research, formulating appropriate financial planning strategies, choosing appropriate tools to execute the formulated strategy, preparing a compliant Statement of Advice (SoA), implementation of the advice and providing ongoing service and reviews to the client. The course is one of the key requirements for attaining ASIC RG146 Compliance.

FINS2643 Wealth Management

A second level finance subject that delves into the investment and financial issues arising from personal wealth management activities. This course examines deeply into how to set financial plans, portfolio management, investment strategies, insurance, superannuation, tax and estate planning. It allows the students to understand how to make decisions for superannuation specifically as a trustee as well as looking into the regulatory framework.