FINSOC Weekly Wraps Vol.15

Jul 22, 2021 Weekly Wraps

• COVID case spikes result in 4 LGAs (Sydney, Randwick, Waverly, Woollahra) to lockdown, followed by a subsequent lockdown of Greater Sydney
• The ASX falls 0.83% this week. With the impending full lockdown, it could fall more
• Bitcoin nears $AU40,000. If mid-term EMAs cross below long-term EMAs, it would confirm a bearish market for Bitcoin
• Tech stocks gained the most over the week with the tech sector lifting 3% and Afterpay rising 12.9%
• Australian sports analytics company Catapult plans to acquire UK rival SBG Sports Software for $53 million. The acquisition will allow Catapult to improve services via SBG’s video and data analysis services