Financial Articles

  • The Suez Canal Blockageimage preview for post

    The Suez Canal Blockage

    Released: 01-06-2021

    The massive cargo ship that blocked the Suez Canal was freed from the shoreline after six days. However, the blockage has severely damaged the global trade and powerful economies around the world.

    UNSW FINSOC publications have prepared an article that touches upon the major impacts caused by the blockage and its implications.

  • The Gamestop Spectacleimage preview for post

    The Gamestop Spectacle

    Released: 07-02-2021

    As the Gamestock (GME) wild ride is dying down, UNSW FINSOC has simplified the situation for those wondering what it’s all about.

  • Raising Equityimage preview for post

    Raising Equity

    Released: 31-01-2021

    Equity markets remain vulnerable because the sensitivity of earnings to this downturn is high, however, the capacity for earnings that are linked to the customer to bounce back just as strongly is limited.

    UNSW FINSOC presents this article to share the importance of protecting equity value.

  • Virgin Case Studyimage preview for post

    Virgin Case Study

    Released: 31-01-2021

    The FINSOC Publications team is proud to announce our case study on the Virgin Airlines administration.

    The case with Virgin Australia has intensified in recent weeks. The Finsoc Publications team has been closely monitoring the situation, and we are proud to bring updates.

  • Holiday Budgetingimage preview for post

    Holiday Budgeting

    Released: 26-12-2020

    With the worst of the pandemic hopefully behind us, many of us are beginning to feel the urge to start spending again. As we move into the holiday season, UNSW’s Personal Finance Club in collaboration with FINSOC has prepared some helpful tips to protect our wallets from the temptation to overspend.