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I have had the opportunity to build and gain new skills including leadership, creativity and problem solving.

Top 3 skills I have gained from being a director have been: Adaptability-you never know what life is going to throw at you. Leadership-being able to develop and adapt your leadership style is important both in and out of the workplace. Networking-having a mentor at a young age can provide you with clarity and advice in both career and personal life.

Audrey Yeo

Social Director (2020)

I have the opportunity to showcase my creativity when creating both physical and digital forms of media.

As a Marketing Director, you will be surrounded by supportive peers who will assist you in pursuing your creative outlook for the society. I have had the opportunity to form long-lasting relationships with an amazing team, A highlight of this year would be motivating and upskilling my subcommittee as well as finally receiving our custom hoodies, despite the logistical mayhem caused by COVID.

Nick Joeng

Marketing Director (2020)